Here is a list of some testimonials I am proud to share.
















FROM GARLIC GOLD: “I want to THANK YOU for the wonderful Garlic Gold review + recipe you
posted on Tuesday! We’ll be adding it to our list of who’s blogging about us
at our website – really appreciate your taking the time.”


FROM JIZO AND CHIBI:“Very lovely, Joan… And I am delighted that your Jizo brings you comfort. With palms together, “Gassho” in Japanese.” ~Valerie“Very lovely, Joan… And I am delighted that your Jizo brings you comfort. With palms together, “Gassho” in Japanese.” ~Valerie


 Hi Joan, I wanted to share with you my experience with build a sign & also thank you for asking me to enter the giveaway as well, because initially I  wasn’t going to enter it & now am so glad I did!!! I just sent them this email: The banner arrived yesterday! I was shocked how quickly you were able to make it up and get it to me! I was also shocked how awesome it looked! I wasn’t sure how well the picture i uploaded would come out (considering you  had to blow it up to fit on such a large banner). It brought tears to my eyes! The older couple in the photo are like real parents to us even though they are not of related. They have held a large stand at the flea market area of a yearly (week long) event each year for over 40 years now. (Rough & tumble, held in Kinzers, PA) The picture was taken at last years event. Anyhow, they are both in their early 70′s. Each year it gets harder and harder for them to pull it off with all the setting up and everything involved but with our help and a few other friends that help…they continue doing it. All this time they have never had any kind of sign or anything (where as, many of the venders do). I thought this would be a wonderful gift for them. I want to give it to them sooooo badly right now, however think it would be so awesome to have it hanging up on that first day before they arrive. We can’t wait to see their faces! We showed it to our one friend that helps with the stand today and he was floored by it too. He agreed it would be better to get there earlier then them and get it up so we can watch their faces as they drive up. :) The event is not until August but I promise to take a picture of it hanging and will send it to you. I also plan to have your website printed out many times on several pieces of paper so I can cut it like a business card size because I know there will be alot of people asking where it was made. I’m sure of it! Thank you sooo much! I never would’ve thought a banner could be made so well and in great detail. We are just blown away :)



Joan,We received some great results from the tweets and blog posts. I saw an increase in the facebook page and twitter followers and am very pleased with your site!



Looks great! Thanks so much! I really like the pictures that show how to use it. We really appreciate your help to support our products and promote our brands. Have a good day.

We just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for your December sales with Reuseit.com.  We really appreciate the efforts you have put in to promoting us. Please let us know if you need anything additional to continue your success with Reuseit.com. Happy New Year!
~Greg H


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