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Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty Review

Oh Baby baby, Oh baby baby, la laa la la laa la la laa la la  How many of you remember that song? LOL I am probably showing my age! But, when it comes to age, you are NEVER too old or too fat or too skinny to be sexy. In the infamous words of Forest Gump, Sexy is as Sexy does…don’t think I got that right but that should have been what he said.  I mayself have been a Plus Size Queen all my sexy life, and I just am in love with the awesome choices of lingerie offered for us big gals at Plus Sized Lingerie Boutique.

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Cystex Cranberry & Cystex Plus Urinary Pain Relief Tablets, Review & Giveaway

Are you a sufferer of Urinary pain and Urinary Tract Infections? According to the Mayo Clinic, over half women will suffer with one or more infections in their lifetime.  I for one have been getting UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection’s) frequently, especially over the past 5 years of being diagnosed with Lupus. Apparently this is some type of correlation there.  I had never tried any of the Cystex products until this review and I am grateful now that I have as they make a big difference for me.


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Replens for Vaginal Dryness – Review and Giveaway~


Replens, an over the counter alternative
for feminine dryness

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Cleava, A Snap to Bra Cami Giveaway

Do you know someone who looks like this?

Man with cleavage

Or like this?

Or perhaps gets leered at like this?

If you do, then have I got a perfect product for you! Have you ever heard of Cleava, a cami that snaps to your bra? I am happy to introduce you to an innovative product that gives you a layered look, without all the layers, or covers your gals when you don’t want them winking at the world!

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Leading Lady Bra Review & Special Sale!!!

I hope you all remember Mariah’s review of Leading Lady Bras! Now it is my turn! Leading Lady Bras are have styles for Full Figured gals like myself as well as an awesome line of Nursing Bras.

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Cute Owl Earrings from Joey's Fletcher's Boutique

WHO wants to win this cute pair of earrings from Joey’s Boutique?  I just love Joey Fletcher’s Boutique.  You will all hopefully love this site as much  as I do. I fell in love the first minute I hit his site.
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