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CU'I Watermelon Drink, Stay Hydrated and Healthy this Summer – Review & Giveaway

“In the summer time when the weather is high, You can chase right up and touch the sky, When the weather’s right, You got women, you got women on your mind, Have a drink, have a drive,Go out and see what you can find…(Copied from, MUNGO JERRY – IN THE SUMMERTIME LYRICS)  La de da da da, la de da da de dum……

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Cu'i Watermelon Juice, Watermelon, my Favorite Fruit, Tasty and Refreshing.

I have always been a fan of watermelon, since I was a babe, there was nothing better than some ice cold watermelon. Then as an adult there was  seedless watermelon, a yummy treat! Awesome!

And then one day, as an adult visiting Mexico, I found out they have and serve watermelon juice. OMG I was in love. I had several glasses of this fruity concoction that day. This was the best juice I have ever had!  I now can’t wait to visit the Caribbean as that is the only place to get a good glass of watermelon juice.  Sure there is some sold by a tea company but I am pretty sure it has artificial flavors and a lot of sugar. It is OK but really does not stop my craving for that pure flavor of perfect juice! And then one day I saw it, another company claiming to make crisp watermelon juice, 100% all natural Watermelon juice. What was that? Good and fresh watermelon juice. Could it be true? I was psyched and I contacted them about a review, keeping my fingers crossed! AND this company, called Cu’i Watermelon had an extremely nice owner and Rep. and before I knew it they were agreeing to sending me a case of this nectar I craved, now if only it has that perfect flavor I will be on cloud 9!

Here it is, Cu’i Watermelon Juice, the real thing!  It arrived at my door and I immediately opened one and poured it over ice and put it towards my mouth and took a sip, then another sip, then I gulped down the drink and it was like sitting on the beach in the Caribbean, I was in heaven. This was pure bliss for me, the best Watermelon juice I have had in ages! I am now slowly drinking the rest of my case. I was sent some special drink recipes to try with this juice *wink wink!

What do you know about watermelon besides it’s wonderful taste? The word watermelon first appeared in the dictionary in 1615.  According to my new friends at Cu’i Watermelon, Watermelon is high in B-Vitamins and have the following health benefits:

“*Energy Production, Protects again muscle degeneration, fights heart disease, is loaded with anti-oxidents, reduces the risk of cancer, prevents erectile dysfunction, and is a good source of vitamins and minerals!”

I have to share a story with you and the people representing this drink, Cu’i (pronounces Swee) Watermelon became aware that my blog partner here, Riah, is dealing with her husband having been found to have bladder cancer and because of all the anti-oxidants in the drink that fight cancer, they asked me if they could send Riah a case for her and her husband and it might help her husband and without hesitation they shipped that case out immediately to help him. Now that was just so kind. I think Mariah and I now both have a special place in our hearts for this company and I for one highly recommend the wonderful juice for the nutritious value and the gorgeous taste of this luscious juice. Yum!

Cu’i Watermelon is so awesome and generous. They have offered a lucky winner a
case of this delicious juice!  Good Luck.

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