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Nature's Sleep Memory Foam 3" 4lbs. Overlay – A Touch of Heaven

Do you sleep well at night, or do you toss and turn?  I for one have had difficulty sleeping for several years, especially since my Lupus and my getting compression fractures in my spine from steroids softening my bones.  I would find myself up all night, watching TV and then sleeping the day away in my chair to get some sleep.  I did not like this routine.  What was I to do? No amount of cuddling would help me relax. Sigh, I need some sleep. HELP ME PLEASE!

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Happy Little Piggies With Natures Sleep Memory Foam Slippers – Giveaway


Have you ever heard of Nature’s Sleep and their awesome memory foam products?  I was given the opportunity to review a pair of their slippers and I jumped at the chance!

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