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Blue Glass Bracelet Review & Giveaway, I am blue and I like it!

Valeries Jewelry Creations Box

Look Everyone, I got a present and I am so happy. I know what is in the box and I like it. Sounds like a song. I am singing cuz I am so happy.  When you are feeling blue, blue makes you happy, at least it does for me at the present time! So what’s in the box making me so happy? I just have to share with you, I guess. But you are gonna want it, pooh. Oh, a little birdy told me one of you are also going to get your own one of a kind blue bracelet for when you are feeling blue, it will make you happy!  Why? Because I said so. Tee Hee, I feel like a kid!

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Pretty Easter Bunny Ring, Hopping to a Nice Home! Giveaway

“Here come’s Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity Hoppity Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!”

Joey has done it again, this time through his Yardseller pages!  You have got to see this cute Bunny Ring he has offered for giveaway to one of you

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Cute Owl Earrings from Joey's Fletcher's Boutique

WHO wants to win this cute pair of earrings from Joey’s Boutique?  I just love Joey Fletcher’s Boutique.  You will all hopefully love this site as much  as I do. I fell in love the first minute I hit his site.
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You're Gonna Love This – Butterfly Necklace Review Giveaway

Buttefly Necklace with Beautiful stamped onto a tag behind the butterfly

I would love to introduce you to a lovely Etsy Shop, “You Are Gonna Love This”, master child of Brienne. She had an awesome shop full of neat products. Read the rest of this entry