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Celtic Attitudes Messenger Bag Giveaway

My last, but not least, item to review from Celtic Attitudes is their Messenger bag!  I am in LOVE with my bag. This green bag has soft edges on the top flap.  I like that as it makes the bag more comfortable.

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Celtic Attitudes Tree of Life T Shirt

the tree of life with celtic words around it, irish

Here is another item from Celtic Attitude. They are just so awesome.  So what does this “Tree of Life” mean? Per “Celtic Colors” it means:

Tree of Life

The tree of  Life is common to many cultures. Often regarded as an all-nourishing, and all giving. Britain was once covered by mighty oak forest, and the tree reverence is a major feature within Celtic religion. The tree reflects a link between heaven and earth.  Roots reach down to earth and its branches reach up to the heavens. The interlacing branch symbolizes continuity of life, never ending life.  The tree were regarded as the Celts source of food, protection from elements, provider of material to build shelter, and a source of warmth when making fire with its wood.

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Celtic Attitudes Apron Review & Giveaway

Celtic Attitudes

Celtic Attitudes has been so generous with their items for Review and Giveaway for St. Patrick’s Day. It is so appreciated.  They have a new item coming I am sure you will just love.  This is an Apron with a recipe for Irish Stew on the front of it.  Makes me want to run to the grocery and get the ingredients and make this tasty recipe!

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Celtic Attitudes Baby T Shirt and Bib for Your Wee One Review & Giveaway!



irish Celtic Attitudes Baby t-shirt bib

I want to welcome you and your wee ones to Celtic Attitudes! It is the best place for Mum’s to shop for the whole family.  Just take one look at these items, they are so cute!

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