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Blue Glass Bracelet Review & Giveaway, I am blue and I like it!

Valeries Jewelry Creations Box

Look Everyone, I got a present and I am so happy. I know what is in the box and I like it. Sounds like a song. I am singing cuz I am so happy.  When you are feeling blue, blue makes you happy, at least it does for me at the present time! So what’s in the box making me so happy? I just have to share with you, I guess. But you are gonna want it, pooh. Oh, a little birdy told me one of you are also going to get your own one of a kind blue bracelet for when you are feeling blue, it will make you happy!  Why? Because I said so. Tee Hee, I feel like a kid!

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Wine Decanter from Buyspys, Beautiful

Wow, you really need to check out this deal for a gorgeous Wine Decanter from BuySpys, perfect for Valentines Day! I find this decanter very sexy to look at!

Special Sale, TODAY only! Regular price $39.95 SALE $14.95

There is a limit of 3 so stock up for gifts. Perfect for a sexy Valentine Dinner, Wedding or Anniversary Gift, for your BFF to say your special, last minute gift, or just for yourself.  Think of having a wine tasting party using these, a little Merlot in one, or perhaps a white zin for those who prefer a sweeter wine, or maybe some Sangria at a Cinco de Mayo celebration!  There is just so many ways and opportunities to use this wine decanter, so HURRY and take advantage of this sale!

Huephoria, The Best Place to Shop! Review & Giveaway~

Polka Dot Ornament - Pink BowDo you have a friend or family member that is hard to buy for? Are you on a gift exchange and have no clue what to get the recipient?  Have a good neighbor you want to get a little something for?  Huephoria is the perfect place to shop for them and anyone else on your list!  I LOVE their awesome collection and there is something for everyone, like the cute ornament above!

My first time seeing Huephoria was on a giveaway site a couple years ago, where I won a pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers!  You have a lot of designs to pick from so you can choose something that would be perfect, and while you are there you just might find a set for yourself. Also, check the prices as they can’t be beat!

Here are a few of the designs they have for the Salt N Peppa Holders! They are so cute! Huephoria has added some gorgeous things since I last shopped on this site and I am so excited!  I love a lot of color in my home and they have so many bright and colorful, whimsical things, you just gotta smile~ Just take a look at these salad servers:

Salad Servers

And to go with these there is line of plates and bowls and in several different colorful and fun styles, so awesome.  If you like what you see on their site and think it is something you would like to sell, they recently have started a “Ball Mom”plan where you can have your own biz selling their products! Check it out and if you have any questions, the fun and knowledgeable gals at Huephoria will get you taken care of!


Now, I want to share what I was sent to review and I have one and you dont! Na na naa na naa na!  I think you ought to change that and get your own! Own what you ask? Well I think I have to show you instead of tell you. How about that?  I am a big tease. Santa, I am naughty! LOL.

So what do you think? NO it is not a bottle of wine, hands off – that’s mine!  No it is not a Christmas Tree silly!  YES it is the cute wine glass with our friend Jack Frost! This part of the glass is called the Ball~ There are many “Balls” to choose from on their wine glasses. There is something for everyone, and this also helps everyone keep track of their own wine glass.  Huephoria also carries Martini glasses with the “Balls” on them and they are just as cute!  You could always get a cute set and match with other items like the Salt N Peppa and the colorful plates and servers! I love them all!

ENJOY this recipe sent in their Newsletter this month! Yummy 🙂

One lucky winner is going to get a wine glass of their own. I am so excited for you!

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Joan's Chatter!

Hi Everyone. Riah’s twitter is Riahrambles so I figure I can chatter.  I want to share one of my favorite artists with you! I am in love with Chihuly and his glass  works that are so amazing. I get goose bumps when I see his work, from Paradise Island is the Bahamas to the cruise ships to the new museum in St. Petersburg , FL.

One must truly appreciate the art of Chihuly and I am seeing his work in more and more places such as in the Casino at Paradise Island in the Bahamas and as the Center of attention in the newer cruise ships.  His pieces are not in my price range, except for a few token small pieces that really aren’t worth the money and I am not sure he made them or his assistants.
So what kind of art are you in to? There are so many things to tantalize the art lover in you! From glass, to sculptures, to paintings, to architecture, what catches your eye?