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Cute Lil Bunnies and Fuzzy Lil Chicadees

Aren’t these colorful lil chicks so cute? And soft and fuzzy!

colored little chicks

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Ballreich's Licorice, A Sweet Treat for the Whole Family Review & Giveaway


Are you a Licorice fan? I love chewing on a flavorful piece of licorice, twirling it around, and playing with the strip like I was a kid!  And now, not only can I eat black and red Licorice, I can have fun with other colorful flavors! Fun!  Now I can get all this from Ballreich’s, fun and colorful, tasty licorice!

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Pretty Easter Bunny Ring, Hopping to a Nice Home! Giveaway

“Here come’s Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail, Hippity Hoppity Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!”

Joey has done it again, this time through his Yardseller pages!  You have got to see this cute Bunny Ring he has offered for giveaway to one of you

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Texas Treats Praline Basket – Texans Do It Bigger~

I recently received a Easter Basket from Texas Treats and instead of Jelly Beans I got Pralines!  They came in the cutest Texas Shaped Basket and it was really cute.

Inside this cute Texas Basket the Texas Easter Bunny sent me were two flavors and 7 pralines, chewy caramel treats, some were given a little pep with a bit of Habanero in them.  I usually don’t like spicy additions to my candies (only tried with Chocolate.) I totally loved the Habanero Pralines more than the regular ones, but they also were good! I asked about these Pralines and was told the bolder taste is indicative of the old saying “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

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