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Eastpak T Shirt Review

“Heh handsome, is that an Eastpak TShirt you are wearing or am I seeing double?  I was sent this colorful shirt to review for the “Eastpak” Company. How fun is this shirt? My poor husband is always my model but he is getting used to it!  He now start asking about what I am putting him in!

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Stride Everyday Men's Wear Review

So does the man in your life have a little incontinence problem? Perhaps prostate issues?  I know when my husband had prostate surgery for cancer he had major leakage issues for nearly a year, until he learn to exercise and hold his urine in.  This is a chronic problem with men after treatment for Prostate Cancer. The Stride Everyday Men’s underwear are perfect for dribbling and leakage!  Just like us gals, a little leak here and a little there, pick up something, oops!  Strain for BM, oops, leak. No fun. My husband got a pair of briefs to try.

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Hard Rock Cafe In The Month of May


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Hilarious Golf Shirts! – Review

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Check out this silly golf T-Shirt! And the silly man wearing this funny the shirt. Should I admit he is my husband or the gardener? LOL, I’ll take him either way but the only time we argue is on the golf greens. Yes dear, I should of hit it your way but last time I did that I  hit the ball the wrong. I bet all you lady golfers have this kind a male golfer in your life.

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Monkey Around with A Monkey Mascot T Shirt

My husband received this T Shirt (below, click more to see) from me and I asked him to get a picture for my blog, and he stated this is the only way to get him to monkey around! He loved the monkey design 🙂 Suits him well!

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Celtic Attitudes Apron Review & Giveaway

Celtic Attitudes

Celtic Attitudes has been so generous with their items for Review and Giveaway for St. Patrick’s Day. It is so appreciated.  They have a new item coming I am sure you will just love.  This is an Apron with a recipe for Irish Stew on the front of it.  Makes me want to run to the grocery and get the ingredients and make this tasty recipe!

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