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Ballreich's Licorice, A Sweet Treat for the Whole Family Review & Giveaway


Are you a Licorice fan? I love chewing on a flavorful piece of licorice, twirling it around, and playing with the strip like I was a kid!  And now, not only can I eat black and red Licorice, I can have fun with other colorful flavors! Fun!  Now I can get all this from Ballreich’s, fun and colorful, tasty licorice!

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Where's the Smoked Beef? Ballreich's has a Great Giveaway!

Are you a Beef eater? Is a piece of beef Jerky or a slim jim or meet stick? This is the giveaway for you.
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Chocolate Chips???????

“HEH – You got you chocolate on my potato chips”

HEH- You got your potato chips on my chocolate”


………And Ballreich’s NEW Chocolate covered potato chips were born!!!

Well that’s the way I like to tell the story! Tee Hee.  I would love to take this opportunity to share with you a new product from Ballreichs – New Cheese Puffs!  Just Kidding, had to do it, love to tease, can you wait?

Introducing Ballreich’s New, Flavorful, Lip Smacking, Mouth Watering, Blissful Gourmet Chocolate Covered Chips and Pretzels!  YUM!

Ballreich Chocolate Covered Potato Chips and PretzelsThe kind people at Ballreich’s want to continue spoiling us and feeding us good now, so we have a New Year’s Resolution!  I was sent the Milk Chocolate Covered Chips is a full size box and let me tell you, it was time to play hide and seek in my house with this box.  Please excuse this statement but this is some good chit!  I am going to order some for Christmas gifts but I must wait or I will eat them, talking to Miss No Willpower here LOL! I got to try the pretzels in dark & milk choc in a small piece samplette and they were good but the chips are great!  The chips were thickly covered and it was like a candy bar with each chip.

Since the Holidays are upon us, I would definitely consider something from Ballreich’s! How about a Gift Basket stuffed in several sizes. Need a T Shirt with a Frisbee, that would be a cool gift.  The chocolate is an awesome gift for the chocolate lover in your office gift exchange!  There are lots of things to check out!

Ballreich’s again has offered not one but TWO winners will receive their choice of a box of chocolate covered chips or pretzels, milk or dark. If you win but really don’t want it, have it sent to my address!  Good Luck!

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Ballreich's Gone Hot & Sassy! 2 Winners each get (3) Bags!

If you all remember, I reviewed Ballreich’s Chips awhile back!  Now I want to share with you their new flavored chip, “Hot N Sassy”!

Our friends at Ballreichs want to share with my followers and came to me to do an honest review! So here comes honest!

I love potato chips and Ballreich’s chips are really good. So The bag of the Hot ‘N Sassy chips should be OK, I think.  I opened the bag and my daughter ate several and warned me they were definitely what the name says!  I don’t listen to her, although I know she loves hot sauce and gets extra hot, Napalm wings and asks for Jalapenos on the side and she is in heaven. I didn’t believe they were that hot.  I took a tiny bite of a broken chip and it tasted like a cross between BBQ sauce and Hot sauce and it was good, so I got brave and ate another one and WOW,

This one was way hotter than the tiny bite I took before.  These potato chips are definitely Hot & Sassy, just like me 🙂 only kidding, except for sassy! I am glad my daughter has enjoyed these chips.  She likes things hot and the hotter the better!  There is something about the younger generation that draws them to hot food. There are even hot and spicy beers with peppers floating in them, and I can see my son drinking the beer eating these chips with a Jalapeno Burger LOL!

Ballreich’s also sent a bag to Mariah, my co-owner here and her husband loves hot things, and he made the comment, “love the chips BTW… and would be great with hot dogs…  they build on you, first one not bad… then you eat and eat and the heat sets in.”

It just goes to show not everyone has the same taste and Ballreich’s will definately have the perfect taste for all in your family with their groups of chips and snacks!  I love Ballreich’s and they are awesome to work with. They are trying new flavors and really care what you think.  I can’t wait to share their next new flavor with you. BUT you will just have to sit back and wait for me to share that with you, and they are special!

Ballreich’s Company wants to share and are very generous.  2 of you will win a 3 pack of Hot & Sassy Chips to enjoy.

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