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How to Separate an Egg

This is a really cool way to separate an egg when cooking.  Such clever ideas for easy things. Who’d a thunk it, lol? Things like this really fascinate me. Now when I try it tonight when I need to separate an egg will I make a big mess? I will have to see 🙂
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Checking in

Hi everyone.  I see Mariah is doing an awesome job and I really appreciate it.  I will be off and on for awhile as I am having major gastric issues including bleeding and getting sick a lot and the worst pain I have ever had.  I am waiting for a surgery date and until then I am on stronger than normal medications and am writing this morning because I am skipping a dose, already regretting! To top things off, Dennis, my husband needs spinal injections this Friday and next. Sigh, doesn’t stop. Prayers please for the Penfold household (and for Mariah’s as well).

Congrats to Winners! 8/16/12

Click More to see all the winners from the drawings done on 8/16/12!

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Today is National S'Mores Day! Yumm

When was the first time you had a S’More? Do you still eat them?

I bet you find it hard to believe I have never cared for them so as a kid I became the official S’More maker, keeper all the Camp Fire Girls  Fed.

Share your S’mores stories with us!

Enter Your Clever Name For a Chance to Win $1,000! Cottonelle

We’re hosting a contest on behalf of Cottonelle, looking for the Cleverest (travel-related) name for the two-step, “enhanced clean routine” of using Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes.
Sure, most of us would enter a creativity challenge like this just for the bragging rights you get for winning. But this contest also has a $1,000 prize. So what are you waiting for?

Winners – Congrats 7/31/12

Cleava Snap to Bra Cami


Pillsbury Baguette Chips

L’Occitane Bodywash

Garlic Gold

Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam