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Ebola, A Nurse’s Perspective

This is an awesome post about Ebola Virus and certainly explains it better than any hype I have heard on television. I have to believe, unfortunately, that the poor man in Dallas with Ebola exposed so many more people that mentioned. What about the airports, planes, etc? Did he shop in a grocery store? Time will tell but history shows it only takes 1 person to start an epidemic. Time will tell. Let’s all pray for the sick patient and all the victims in Africa, and for any possible future victims.


So a few months ago the country was enthralled with the idea of a few patients, infected with the Ebola virus, coming to the United States. Up until this point, we had been safe from Ebola due to the fact that bats can’t fly over the Atlantic. Some people were completely indifferent, while others had seen Outbreak one too many times. Most were a healthy mix, somewhere in between, but what bothered me the most was both the lack of education and the poor information that was spreading more virulently than the virus could ever hope to.

First, I want to stress that I am a nurse, not a virologist, and hopefully throughout my post you will see that I am not pretending to be one. I have a Bachelor’s in Nursing and am currently a graduate student. I have worked extensively with Infectious Disease Specialists. I have been exposed…

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How to Separate an Egg

This is a really cool way to separate an egg when cooking.  Such clever ideas for easy things. Who’d a thunk it, lol? Things like this really fascinate me. Now when I try it tonight when I need to separate an egg will I make a big mess? I will have to see 🙂
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Cleava, A Snap to Bra Cami Giveaway

Do you know someone who looks like this?

Man with cleavage

Or like this?

Or perhaps gets leered at like this?

If you do, then have I got a perfect product for you! Have you ever heard of Cleava, a cami that snaps to your bra? I am happy to introduce you to an innovative product that gives you a layered look, without all the layers, or covers your gals when you don’t want them winking at the world!

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Pexagon Technology

Check out this awesome deal from Pexagon Technology. Check them out and save 50%. WOW.

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Dog Days of Summer Starting Monday!

Starting Monday 7/9/12 It will be the Dog Days of Summer here at Joan and Riah’s!  I have many Dog/pet items for giveaways and will be adding them in to my reviews!  All Dog Days of Summer giveaways will begin on the sidebar with DDOS!

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L'Occitane Eau Captivante Cologne Review, Bodywash Giveaway


I was introduced to L’Occitane last year with their Cherry Blossom Lotion and when I saw this cologne, Eau Captivante, I know I just had to try it!  This cologne is for both men and women and I have never tried a unisex cologne and was anxious to see what this is like.

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