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Congrats to Winners! 8/16/12

Click More to see all the winners from the drawings done on 8/16/12!

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Check out whats happening on Joan and Riahs!

Flirty Apron Irreg Sale. Just 9.50
lots of giveaways
Soon we will feature some products for your pets, The Dog Days of Summer, keep on the look out.

We hope you stop by. You will see some old friends and new with giveaways, as Mariah and Joan are on the look out always for something new. Got some products coming up this week you will love!

FLIRTY APRON SALE – Save 40% WOW Get em while you can!

All Aprons are on sale, the best of the year, 40% off!

Have you ever seen or felt a Flirty Apron?  They are such high quality aprons, handmade aprons, adorned with buttons and bows, and pockets and the perfect apron!  I have never seen such an assortment of good looking, beautiful, and fun aprons. Not only can you cook in these, you can be creative and wear in other ways as well!

Flirty Aprons a Variety of these beautiful ApronsCheck out these awesome Flirty Aprons  and get em while you can, at this discount they will run out soon!

40% off everything on site with code Mother40   hurry and take advantage of the Sale now, before it they run out!

Flirty Apron's Easter Sale – Awesome Discount for all the Bunny Moms!

Thank you Easter Bunny!  The Easter Bunny has some pull with Flirty Aprons and is bringing you a special sale for all you do to help the Easter Bunny get everything done on time and making all those baskets so nice and pretty!

The pretty Flirty Aprons are perfect for Mom to look special while preparing Easter Dinner. I bet she would LOVE a flirty apron as a nice gift. Save 30% on any apron. That is awesome, yes I said 30%! WOW.

When ordering your apron(s) use coupon code: Easter30                           Sale ends April 15th so hurry and get yours in time to have for Easter or get and put away for Mother’s Day!

Photos provided by Flirty Aprons. We are affiliates so we ask if you order, please help us out by ordering from our site! Thank you.

Bryton Pick Valentines Deal, For Great Oral Care

Hi Friends, A little update for you all!

Hi all our friends here,

If you haven’t noticed Mariah has not been on in awhile.  She is tending to her husband after a terrible assault while at work landed him with a broken jaw in 2 places and he now has a titanium jaw.

What I am trying to say is she has her hands full at home and will be back on more once he does not demand so much attention.  She misses you all and wants to post a message soon as well.

If you have a moment perhaps you can leave an encouraging comment to cheer her up!  I would appreciate it as the caregiver is always forgotten when these things happen, and they share the same stress and fears as their loved ones.

Thanks all and you are a great group of followers.  In the meantime, be patient with me, LOL. I am trying.  I have made a decision for now to minimize being on here, if I can fight the urge, on Sundays to rest myself.  And Mariah if you read this, love you dear friend and lil sister!