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Glass of Many Colors, Win $25 GC for Stained Glass

stainglass star with multicolored teardrop rays aroundSunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy…..and the beauty provided by the sun shining through some colorful glass makes me smile!

Last year, at about this time of year I had the pleasure of meeting a twitter friend in person, Art and his nice wife Beth..It was fun to realize that we live about 45 minutes away so meeting in the middle for lunch was so much fun!  I talked glass with Art it seems throughout the whole meal and he has an awesome memory.  I have stained glass hanging in my home to act as a partition in a opening between dining room and my family room.  I wish I knew Art when I got those as I looked a long time for a good glass artist!  So, at lunch, I had given Art the measurements of the glass panels for besides my front door and he took that home and emailed his ideas and drawing and was spot on what I was seeing in my mind. This man is a mind reader as well, or a good listener anyway!  I was very thrilled with the panels and my husband was anxious to get them installed for me. Here are the panels:

stained glass side panels by doorwayI just love looking at these all day long.  They are gorgeous.  Arts work can be seen in his shop and he can also make custom work like he did for me.  Art has offered a $25 gift credit for item and shipping for one of you.  I am sure you will be happy with what you win!

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