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Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty Review

Oh Baby baby, Oh baby baby, la laa la la laa la la laa la la  How many of you remember that song? LOL I am probably showing my age! But, when it comes to age, you are NEVER too old or too fat or too skinny to be sexy. In the infamous words of Forest Gump, Sexy is as Sexy does…don’t think I got that right but that should have been what he said.  I mayself have been a Plus Size Queen all my sexy life, and I just am in love with the awesome choices of lingerie offered for us big gals at Plus Sized Lingerie Boutique.

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AK47 Tee Shirt , Original Gun Tee Shirt Review

“Bang bang your dead, 40 bullets in your head” – Do you remember singing this song as a kid?  It just came to mind and I find it quite inappropriate now, LOL. Funny how the times change!  When this Tee was offered for review, I know it was perfect for Mariah’s husband, as he served in the Marines for a long time.  It is now so different and guns can be found all over the streets, but enough political BS here!

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Magic Mike, I gotta go :)

So have any of you ventured out this weekend to see Magic Mike?  I am cheap so I will wait until one day this week and oh, it is already bringing back so many memories of my younger years.  My daughter is too embarrassed to come along with me. I think she is afraid I will hoot and holler. NO not me LOL. She should of seen me when……….

If you have seen it, share with me what you thought, as I am trying to decide if I should see it now or until it hits the cheap theatre. I am afraid I just might not be able to wait, tee hee.

Better Than Pants, The Funnest Tee's I've Seen – Giveaway

I know, another review for another Tee shirt company, blah blah!  Well go get yourself a cold drink, sit back, and see the FUNNIEST darn Tee shirt site I have ever seen.  I promise you won’t be disappointed! I will warn the weak at heart not to click on some of these but they are marked. I myself just had to peek. You shall see when you check out Better Than Pants for yourself!

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Hard Rock Cafe In The Month of May


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SpermCheck Fertility : And He Swam and He Swam All Over the Dam~

Sperm Check Header

Have you all heard of this new product, SpermCheck?  It is designed to check the sperm count of men when there may be some fertility issues with a couple.  For years it has always started with the women, BUT this simple test is done at home, it may give you some answers and save you a load of money going from Dr. to Dr.~

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