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I have been reviewing products and helping build up businesses with online networking for approximately 4 years now. I have many great friends and contacts and love sharing and meeting others through my site.

I promise an honest review on products, rating with a 5 star system. 5 being awesome and working down to 1 as would not recommend, and 3 being average. I hope this gives you an idea.

Hi everyone. I am Joan and in the past was Co-owner of Joan & Riah?s Reviews. I started blogging and had a blogger site ?Joan?s Product Reviews and Giveaways?

I spent many years nursing and when I got totally burnt out I looked for a new career and used my knowledge to proceed with medical sales. I found my niche? and my love. Then suddenly one day I was feeling funny in the office and went to the ER to find I was having a stroke. This happened several times before I was diagnosed with a clotting disorder, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia and had to stop working. I spent my days on line and was introduced to blogs with giveaways! Although all this was fun, I was still missing something. I thought and thought and said to myself, having a review/giveaway blog is a lot like sales and marketing. This seems to have filled my void and thus my site was born!

I live in Tampa Bay area of Florida with my husband and my DD. DD has her BA in Biz. I also have a son in the US Navy. I am proud of both.Then there is my spoiled brat Basset named Freddi, the love of my life.

Where to find me:
An active member on forum boards with other WAHMs and have a published articles available on ezines.com

I can also be found on my other sites:
Facebook Joan’s Reviews

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