Plus Size Lingerie Boutique, I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty Review

Oh Baby baby, Oh baby baby, la laa la la laa la la laa la la  How many of you remember that song? LOL I am probably showing my age! But, when it comes to age, you are NEVER too old or too fat or too skinny to be sexy. In the infamous words of Forest Gump, Sexy is as Sexy does…don’t think I got that right but that should have been what he said.  I mayself have been a Plus Size Queen all my sexy life, and I just am in love with the awesome choices of lingerie offered for us big gals at Plus Sized Lingerie Boutique.

When I am searching for intimate apparel, my choice is usually in the Baby Doll area.  That is why I showed that gorgeous baby doll up top.  Now, here is the one I choose for myself:

Isn’t this cute. Now I have to tell you I have been losing weight and my Babydoll was way too large, especially in the bust area, but my husband had fun helping me get tucked in alright and posed aesthetically for pictures.  I was kinda shy but this isn’t any worse than a bathing suit, but call it lingerie and the whole persona changes. 

Well, I think it is pretty and so does hubby! That is the whole purpose of the whole thing. And it gives me a chance to wear my pretty black feathery beaded head piece as it is a perfect match.

So for all you big, sexy women out there, I highly recommend the Plus Size Lingerie Boutique online to shop for that perfect piece, baby doll, that makes you feel like the Goddess you are!

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