Pharmaca, Ultimate Online Pharmacy!

Have you ever considered ordering and buying your first aid, vitamins, and pharmaceutical items online? Have I got the perfect place for you to buy all your natural health and wellness needs! Pharmaca has got to be the ultimate online pharmacy I have run across online.   

I spent the first 13 years of my career life as a nurse and the rest of my time in medical sales and learned a lot about equipment and OTC (Over-The-Counter) medications, which would include your basic cold and flu remedies, to vitamins, to special skin care lotions and even aroma therapy items. You might even find some special items to help you sleep at night. You need it, I betcha they got it.

Lets start with regular pharmaceuticals, including regular prescriptions, compounding, flu shots and vaccines, including Whooping Cough and ask a pharmacist. A Pharmacist is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your meds, and the safety of taking medications and your medications together. It is like having your own pharmacist on hand in your own medical team!

What about your favorite brands of health care products? From A – Z you will find what you need at Pharmaca. Lets sing our new alphabet song, just for Pharmaca! A is for Abreva, Alka Selzer, A & D, and Aveeno! B is for Band Aids, Beano, Blossom Organics and Burt’s Bee’s. C is for Capzacin, Caladryl and Cystex. D is for Doctor’s Choice and E is for Efferdent. F is for Fungi Nail and G is for Gyne-Lotrimin. You get the idea. The list goes on and on!

Looking through the beauty care area, from cosmetics, to shampoo’s, to lip care and hair care, they carryover 300 beauty items

There are many over the counter items available at Pharmaca. They carry baby wash and diapers, powders,and toys for the little ones. How about a first aid kit or some sexual health items.

Through out the year, Pharmaca has many scheduled events to educate the consumer about healthcare. August is healthy Mom and Baby Event. Here they offer free consultations with healthcare professionals, kids activities, free product samples, and a New Mom Discussion Group.

Pharmaca’s physical locations are on the West Coast – California, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. If you live elsewhere, they offer free shipping for orders over $20.00, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. I also recommend you sign up for their email list so you can see what is on special and plan ahead your orders! It is not hard to come up with $20.00 to get free shipping. You can even get together with a friend and have a pharmacy party, with some wine! Then, don’t forget the Advil.

Disclosure: This sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign. Thoughts are my own.


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