Lucky Winners! BaddaBing!

Hard Rock Tote Bag of Goodies!

Newman’s Own Organics Tea & Cookies!

ACE – Appetite Control Tablets

BelleViva Fruit

Handy Gizmos

Konsyl Original Formula


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  1. Joan, Mariah, somebody, could you please take a look and let me know the answer to my above questions? Thanks!

    (I have obviously assumed that I’m not the winner…but then, if you haven’t answered me here or anywhere else I have asked, it seems possible that you just haven’t emailed me as a winner, either.)

  2. Hi Joan! I still haven’t heard from you. Could you please let me (us) know which ‘Heather S’ won one of these giveaways? Thanks!

  3. Should winners have received an email yet? Assuming I’m the ‘Heather S’ that won one of these, I haven’t gotten an email. (Maybe it wasn’t me?)

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