Leading Lady Bra Review & Special Sale!!!

I hope you all remember Mariah’s review of Leading Lady Bras! Now it is my turn! Leading Lady Bras are have styles for Full Figured gals like myself as well as an awesome line of Nursing Bras.

First and foremost, years ago I was a mastectomy fitter and learned quickly that most women wear the wrong size bras, myself included.  Take a look at a lot of women at the grocery, church, somewhere public and you will notice that they have no support and are flopping all over the place, then they turn around and their underarm or back fat bulge out of the back of the bra, not a nice picture at all!  So lets learn how to fit yourself properly for a bra! Check out this link and let Leading Lady help you find the proper fit http://www.leadinglady.com/find-your-fit-full-figure.html and use the little pointers as well.  So, are you wearing a proper fit? I thought so…….

I choose a bra with a front closure as I have never had one and with my Lupus and Fibro it has become a habit to pull my bra over my head, stretching it out, and also my cups have become too large 😦 so I was welcoming a new bra!  I choose the Crossover Front Closure Racer Back Leisure Bra, great for both comfort and for nursing moms.

I was always taught that when looking to see how a bra looks to use a drape or top of one color as a print makes it hard to see.  I grabbed this pink top but I hope you can see that I am not spilling over in the front and although no pic, no over flow in the back as well!  And I have to tell you, this is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever put on.

I recommend that you all give Leading Lady a try for your bras and leisure wear and to help persuade you, Joan and Riah followers are being offered a special discount, Military Friends and Family Discount and since you are all my friends it includes you, in celebration of our brave armed forces and also to celebrate Independence Day.  This sale will be in effect from July 1st to July 7th and you get a 20% discount. How awesome is that?


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  1. I completely love this site, absolutely going to need to add this to my bookmarks.

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