Amazon Rain Lluvia Products – Reviewed

Amazon Rain, All Natural Skin Care from the Rainforest feel the rejuvenating kiss of Amazon Rain. Awhile ago I was asked to review Amazon Rain Serum for my face. I first need to apologize to Amazon Rain for not getting to this sooner. But on the upside, I have been using it and have a much better idea about the product! As a person with Lupus I have skin issues and also been on long term steroids which also play a number on your skin. I needed a good skin care product for my face and along came the Camu Serum C from Amazon Rain.

Joan's Hand with Lluvia product Camu Serum C from Amazon Rain in it

Not just a moisturizer or product that claim to “make you look younger”, Amazon Rain’s Camu C Serum for normal skin is what I have been using. Their container says “deeper than beauty”  and I learned the meaning of that statement with their product.  Although it is designed for faces, after using my fingers to apply, I rub my hands together and my hands have never been softer. And I can also see a small change in my face, around my eyes, my wrinkles are going away and the skin appears to be firming up. And the smell is Heavenly.

picture of Camu Camu

So what is Camu Serum?  The Serum is from the Camu Camu Berry from the Amazon Rain Forest in Peru.  These are extremely high in Vitamin C and key antioxidant compounds that stimulate healthy collagen production thus softening the skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I really love this product and I highly recommend it!  It has worked very well on my face and I am really impressed with the results.


Hi, Mariah here, I was invited to try the Amazon Rain Lluvia, Replenishing Moisturizer.

My first impression when the product was received was the glamorous looking tube that the product bottle is contained in. The colors on the outside container (tube, seems such a bad way to describe it, but I am a loss for what you would call this) is in a sort of teal in the writing and under it’s cover (some of the underneath exposed) with a white background and leaves in a pale pale grey. What I love about this container (yes I kept it) is the colors and the pearlescent clear coat over all the lovely colors…yes, I know, maybe it’s the artist in me that loves a pretty container. Although I must admit that I never buy products for the container, it’s what is inside that counts.

bottle and contain for Amazon Rain Lluvia Replenishing Moisturizer

Now opening the container, and you have a lovely bottle too… same coloration without the pearlescent over top of it all, and this is pretty on it’s own with a brushed silver looking top with a silver band under it and around the bottom. Upon opening the top you see the product is contained in a pump bottle.

Beautiful Lluvia Girl with water splashing on faceWith a freshly cleaned face, I used just one pump and noted that the color of the product is sort of a tan color, it comes out in a lotion like round thick looking dollop on the hand. Only a little bit came out, I shrugged and wondered how many times I’d have to pump the bottle to get enough to spread over my face, however upon touching the product I realized how it seems to instantly liquify into a nice light and easily spreadable product, and Surprisingly it went a long long way, coating my face with a wonderful silky feel, that seemed to instantly absorb into the skin.

The scent is a wonderful natural, citrusy scent with a sort of evergreen scent in the background, it’s very pleasant scent. Again, I don’t judge a product by scent either, unless, like this, it happens to be natural scent… then it’s a plus!

Upon using this for only my first week, my husband already commented (and he didn’t even know I was using a new product, since he had been distracted radically by his bladder cancer, surgery etc at that time) I was so surprised and happy to have a comment that my skin was looking so beautiful today. 🙂 Wow, and I had noticed changes too, but it’s rare that a man notices these things, never mind if he’s distracted! I must say that not only I was impressed, but so was my husband when I told him what I had been using on my face, I really must get this whole line someday. Maybe I will luck out and get myself an invite to try their whole line of products sometime. *crossing my fingers* Either by purchasing or a review, these products are sure worth having and purchasing for yourself… trust the former Cosmetologist that just turned 49… I am picky about what I use on my skin and I am told it shows.

The main ingredients in the Lluvia Replenishing Moisturizer and my personal research on the ingredients: 

Passion Flower Oil
Close Up Picture of The Passion FlowerIt is said to act as a toner and improve elasticity of the skin and the high content of essential fatty acids & light texture of passion flower oil makes it a valuable contribution to a wide array of personal care products intended to nourish the skin and treat dry skin conditions.


In a 2004 human study by Harvard, researchers found Picture of the Samambaia plant provided “substantial benefits of skin protection” to prevent sunburn and resulting aging of the skin. And the plant is currently being researched for possible roles in treatment of cancer!

Espinheira Santa:

picture of espinheiraIn Brazilian pharmacies today, a topical ointment is made with espinheira santa and sold for skin cancer.


For more information and their notes on them, please see the Amazon Rain Site Pure & Natural Page here.

I love this product, it’s full of the perfect mixture, all handpicked to maximize the results on your skin and the are so exotic to me, they are from the Amazon Rainforest! I am still tickled pink that my husband even noticed the difference in my skin, I take good care of my skin, so it really takes a great product for him to notice a change… and I love it! I recommend this product to anyone, the lightweight formula doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve put on a moisturizer at all, and yet the difference can be felt and seen… your skin will feel soft like silk!

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