Stride Everyday Men's Wear Review

So does the man in your life have a little incontinence problem? Perhaps prostate issues?  I know when my husband had prostate surgery for cancer he had major leakage issues for nearly a year, until he learn to exercise and hold his urine in.  This is a chronic problem with men after treatment for Prostate Cancer. The Stride Everyday Men’s underwear are perfect for dribbling and leakage!  Just like us gals, a little leak here and a little there, pick up something, oops!  Strain for BM, oops, leak. No fun. My husband got a pair of briefs to try.

The American Cancer Society Statistics for 2012 predict that there will be 241780 new cases of prostate cancer this year, and also they predict 28170 deaths due to prostate cancer.  Incontinence in men is not that uncommon after a certain age, just like us gals!

My husband is in love with his briefs.  It is nicely padded and comfy and although there is no opening in the front, it does more good getting the dribbles than standard briefs do.  There are several color choices for both the boxer and brief, and look like regular pants worn by men, thus they are less embarrassed!  What is awesome is that with every men’s pants sold, Stride will donate $1 each to Prostate Cancer Research!

Both my husband and I have worn Stride Everyday and it had made our social life easier and we go our more save the Stride Pants.  I give these 2 thumbs up for both men and women. If you have any questions you can get through to their website and follow instructions!

To learn more about Prostate Cancer you can start with the ACS Site addressing this issue!

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