Lupus National Awareness Month

Hi Friends, I believe many of you are aware that Mariah and I both have Lupus. Lupus can rear it’s ugly teeth in many ways. but I can tell you Mariah and I both also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms. We both live in severe pain and it sucks and some days we pray that they find a cure. They say they have a cure but I don’t think much of it.  I think it is very limited, and that is OK. At least it may help some of the Millions that are afflicted, many even unaware of they have it.

I am a little late for the Friday Purple but oh well, bringing awareness is the most important thing for us to do!  Please check out the Lupus site and read through. There is so much there for you to learn about Lupus and the main areas of the body that are affected the most!

15 Questions With …
A monthly Q&A that features lupus experts responding to questions on various topics.  You can submit a suggested question to the expert.   Learn more about this service and read transcripts of discussions previous topics.

Ask the Experts
A summary of questions and answers provided by LFA’s National Health Educator Network.

Impact of Lupus on the Body
Learn how lupus affects various parts of the body through this animated illustration.  Roll your cursor over each organ to learn more about organ involvement in lupus.

Could You Have Lupus?
Use our Interactive Symptoms Checklist to see if you should talk to your doctor about lupus.  Print out the results and take them with you to your appointment to assist the doctor in reviewing your symptoms.

Watch Our Videos on YouTube
Visit the LFA’s channel on YouTube where you can watch videos of interviews with lupus investigators, hear from people affected by lupus, and learn how the LFA is working to advance the science and medicine of lupus and advocate for all people affected by lupus.

I know I can share with you that I learned when I had Lupus after 2 strokes and then blood clots in my lungs.  It was very scary. I then had a heart cath in the hospital and was ok’d and sent home and after 5 days home my cath site decided to blow and I bled out totally in my right leg. I spent several weeks in ICU totally unaware what was happening to me, and apparently I had lots of blood transfusions(9 units) and surgeries to clean out the clots and also I developed another clot in another area needing cleaning out as well and wound vacs put on for several months.  I was hallucinating and it was awful. I must also say I had a near death experience that made me feel at peace when I was done and aware of things going on around me and never had felt so much at peace that I am not afraid and it is beautiful in the afterlife!  I was so sick the Red Cross sent my son home from the Navy to spend time with me, and he was home almost 6 weeks, which was quite nice. You know what I mean. I actually don’t remember half of it! That was awful. I still have memory issues 5 years later, and always will. I also stagger like a drunk when I walk.  The memory loss is the demon that stays with me!

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