Popovers – Recipe

Picture of some baked Popovers

Have you ever eaten a good Old Fashioned Popover? Warm and out of the oven, yum. Can be filled with Gravy, chicken or egg salad, salmon, pot roast, all kinds of things. You just can’t go wrong with a popover.  My Grandmother always made these when I was a kid as a night time snack mostly, and there was never enough.  I remember the fragrant smell of them baking as it filled my house full of a wonderful aroma, leaving you salivating, in anticipation.

Here is my recipe that my dear grandmother used to use for these:

Typed up Popover RecipeMy favorite way to eat these is to full them open, should be mostly hollow, and add some butter, letting it melt, as it drips down your chin as you are enjoying this marvelous treat.  My father used to also add strawberry Jam. There are just so many ways to use these in your meal planning.

Yummy Popover with melted butter. I can taste one now.  Try this easy recipe and I promise it will be a big hit with your family!

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