Proud Mom! Today's the Day.

Joan's Daughter Graduation Picture with flowers drawn on it.The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I am so proud. Today my baby is graduating from St. Leo University with her BA in Business Administration. She has been diligent, worked hard to finish high school a year early to start college, and has been on the Dean’s List many times.  She has secured a job in her field, somewhat, and is so fortunate to find a job this day and age.  I believe someone is looking after her! Do I sound proud?

Picture of SLU (Saint Leo University)

If you are not familiar, Saint Leo University is a small Catholic University set in a gorgeous area in St. Leo FL.  It has it’s own Zip Code!  Check it out if you are college hunting.

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  1. You DO sound proud, as well you should be! Congratulations (if a little late, sorry) to you and your ‘baby’! 🙂

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