Today is National Pretzel Day~Get out the Beer!

traditional pretzel

Are you a pretzel fan? Do you like a particular shape, sticks, minis, regular braid, flavored?  There is a lot more to pretzels than you think when you start thinking about them!


Now I am wondering about the history of the pretzel so I will have to look it up… right back! OK back, with a little interesting information on the history of these tasty morsels. According to Snyder’s Pretzels, they were the invention of a monk in 610AD.  He was in charge of making the bread and one day, when he had leftover dough from the bread he decided to take the extra dough and made the above shaped pretzels as treats for the children.  There is an interesting reason for the shape chosen!  In those days Christians prayed with both arms crossed their chests to the opposite side’s shoulder. Thus the shape was born.  There is more to the history you can read at Snyders site.

Now, back to my favorite brands!  I Love Newman’s Own Organics Pretzels. They have a large variety of these tasty morsels.

Newman's Own Pretzels Varieties: Spelt, Salted Sticks, High Protien, Unsalted Rounds, Rods Thin Sticks, Salted Rounds, Honey Wheat Mini Salted Thins, Mighty Mini

My second favorite brand of pretzels is Ballreich’s brand and variety!

Ballreichs Pretzels a large variety of types in their Ballreichs bags.So if you are a pretzel fan, I recommend these brands. Perhaps if you can’t find one brand in your area, you may have access to the other. Or you can also get online. So grab yourself a cold beer and a bag of pretzels, sit back and put your feet up and enjoy. Watch out though, you may eat the whole bag yourself!

Happy National Pretzel Day. Get your own favorite and spread the word about today’s history!



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