Spoonful of Comfort – Joan's Review

Jar of Chicken Noodle Soup from Spoonful of Comfort

Hi Everyone. As Mariah mentioned, we both received a care package to review for A Spoonful of Comfort!  I thought to myself, what a cool idea to send to someone sick as a care package. Above you can see how the Chicken Noodle Soup is bottled, in a special ice pack and bubble wrap. Also, it was made known that this MUST be eaten within 3 days.

I have to be truthful as I found the soup to be extremely bland, leaving me to wonder if it is so for sick people or if that is just how they make the soup. The Chicken was in large chunks, but was quite dry. I don’t understand how chicken could be so dry in soup, except perhaps it was made separately and put in after the fact.  I have issues eating chicken, especially dry due to health issues and I choked on my first bite of chicken. After that, I shared my chicken with the dog.  My husband and daughter thought the same without the health issues and also fed to the dog.  The noodles and carrots were OK after a lot of salt and pepper added.  Thus, the soup was not a big hit .

In the package also was a pack of rolls for us. We were thinking yum, as we love dipping good rolls in the soup broth. The rolls were like any other store bought rolls, but were edible.

Last but not least was dessert, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Now, I have to tell you, finally someone was very delicious and above average in flavor and my only complaint about the cookies is that there weren’t more!  LOVED the Oatmeal cookies, best I have eaten in a long time, and I have to admit, even better than I make at home.

So, here is what dinner looked like in my house that evening!

Joan's Serving of the dinner from Spoonful of Comfort

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