Cute Lil Bunnies and Fuzzy Lil Chicadees

Aren’t these colorful lil chicks so cute? And soft and fuzzy!

colored little chicks

two bunnies kissing

And take a look at this soft furry little kissing bunnies that warm your heart to look at.  All you can hear is the kids saying please”Mom, I want one, they are so cute, I just love the pretty colors on the chics! Or they might say I think the bunnies are so cute Mom. Just look at them and feel how soft they are. Please, pretty please, can I have one (Chic or Rabbit), Dad wont mind. I promise to take care of it forever and ever. Please, please, please! It would make this the best Easter ever, as their little lower lips quiver before the tears start. But Mom I love him and he loves me too! Just look. Awe he/she is so so cute and they NEED me Mom, they have no Mom’s to look after them!”

Does all this sound so familiar. Don’t do it Mom.  The chics will grow and lose their color and you then have a duck or chicken you don’t know what to do with. The duck has never had to fend for itself so it is cruel to return him to the wild. And the cute little bunnies will grow up and will hop around the house leaving a little trail behind. Hopefully you took the time to train the rabbit to use a kitty litter box and not soil the house.  The question here is, do you have time to train the bunny?  Once again, when the animals are grown, MOST kids lose interest, and you will become their caretaker. Is this what you want? Or some Rabbit stew?

PLEASE think twice before you buy that cute bunny or colorful chic on the side of the road. DO YOU, not the kids, really want one of these to deal with? Most people don’t think about it and the pets all end up at the local animal shelter, only to be put down in the end. CRUEL! And who’s fault is that? YOURS for buying the animal in the first place.

All I ask is, before buying the cute little Easter Pet, think twice, 3 times and make sure this is something you plan to deal with when the kids get bored!  Be assured this WILL happen!

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  1. Thank you, Joan! When we sell chicks on our farm we try to explain that they grow up into chickens. We also let everyone know they can bring them back to us when/if they are no longer wanted. They are more work than people realize.

  2. Thank you for posting this!!
    The same thing happened when 101 Dalmations came out. Every kid wanted one, and soon people realized they couldn’t handle a Dalmation and most ended up homeless. So sad.

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