Ballreich's Licorice, A Sweet Treat for the Whole Family Review & Giveaway


Are you a Licorice fan? I love chewing on a flavorful piece of licorice, twirling it around, and playing with the strip like I was a kid!  And now, not only can I eat black and red Licorice, I can have fun with other colorful flavors! Fun!  Now I can get all this from Ballreich’s, fun and colorful, tasty licorice!

Do your kids like licorice? These make a colorful treat to go in an Easter Basket and wont get all over like Jelly Beans do!  The flavors available to you through Ballreich’s Licorice, ready to create a party in your taste buds are Red, Black, Watermelon, yes I said watermelon licorice, Green Apple, reminds me of a Jolly Rancher, Blue Raspberry, leaving your tongue nice and kissable blue, LOL! Actually, all these fruity flavors are fun and it is hard to pick a favorite for me.  I am leaning towards the Green Apple, as it makes me feel like a child eating candy! Tee Hee!

Time for you all to enter and get the 5 pack so you can try every flavor yourself. Order NOW for Easter Baskets AND enter to win your own!  Your kids will love the fruity flavors in their baskets, and if you are the Black Jelly Bean Eater, get some Black licorice for yourself at the same time as you order the kids. The prices are unbelievable to what’s stopping you from ordering? Nothing 🙂

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// ]]>P.S.- Don’t forget the Chocolate covered chips and pretzels for Easter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I like the Honey Wheat Pretzels. Look very yummy. Thanks!

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