Pretty Sparkly Bunny Key Ring

Check out this cute sparkly Bunny key ring! Isn’t she just so cute? I love her and she is going to sit in my jewelry box until I decide to use her. I think I may use her on a zipper pull on a pink jacket I have, yes I think that would be so cute!

This is another share from Joey Fletcher’s Boutique, my new favorite addiction, and I hope soon yours!  Besides finding Joey’s Boutique on you will also find on yardsellr!

This will be a cute and fun Easter gift or Fashion Accessory. Thank you for sharing another cute item for us to play with!

Good Luck everyone. Tell all your friends to come and check out this cute lil wabbit ready for a new home!

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  1. OMG! I would love to win it for Easter. It is so cute for this season.

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