Fresh Water Pearls Giveaway

picture of freshwater Pearls Necklace with black background

Check out this beautiful Freshwater Pearl Necklace. This piece was bought on a cruise 6 – 7 years ago and I have yet to wear it and I decided to make it a special treat for Easter wear for one of you awesome followers.

There are times when myself, or Riah have been ill or had issues and you are the most supportive group of on-line friends and we are glad to call all of you friends.

Good Luck all.  I cannot give exact value as I do not remember but it was over $100 then, so enjoy~

Mariah and Joan Thank You All!

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  1. Jennifer Barr

    I replied to the winning email and have since sent a few follow up emails to try and touch base but havn’t heard back from you still. The necklace never arrived. Has it been sent yet?

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