Watkins Lemon Dessert Mix Review

Have you ever heard of or tried Watkins Products?  Watkins is famous for their Vanilla.  Along with the Vanilla they have a wide range of flavors to try and bake with!  These flavors include Cinnamon, Rum, Caramel, Peanut Butter and more to tempt your taste buds.


Darlene Demell, my favorite Watkin’s Rep has been kind enough to send me several products to try and review, and knowing I am a lemon freak, she sent me the Lemon Dessert Mix.  This Lemon mix is so easy to make.  My first try with it, I sent my daughter in the kitchen on Superbowl Sunday to make the dessert, mean Mom I am!  She used the pudding instructions and served us the pudding in wine glasses to give it a classy look and topped it with whipped cream and OMG I was in Lemon Heaven.  This lemon pudding was a lemon party in my mouth!  I  can easily imagine it as a lemon meringue pie and I am making that later this month for some company.

I also was given their favorite and most well known double vanilla flavoring to use, and have used it to make sugar cookies, but at that moment I was not thinking about photos.  All I can tell you is YUM! The double vanilla is a hit in my house.

Darlene lives in Canada but if you are interested in becoming a Watkin’s Rep. she will be right there to help you and walk you through all the processes. Watkins is big in both the U.S. and Canada!  I think you just can’t go wrong with Watkins for any one looking to make some money!  Check out the plan on Darlene’s site http://www.watkinsonline.com/ddemell

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  1. Thanks for the super review of our Watkins Dessert Mix Joan. It was my pleasure to send you the products and let me tell you, that pudding looks delicious!! Making me hungry.

    Glad you enjoyed it and I am sure the pie will be a huge hit.

    By the way, I service both Canada and the US so anyone interested in the business or products is welcome to contact me.

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