Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, The perfect candle for Romance! Review and Giveaway

You just have to see this lovely candle,Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from Mia Bella, and This is a limited edition candle so there are limited numbers of these.

My husband is for some reason a candle hater, but for the purposes of this review, he let me light this candle to check it out.  Actually I hated to light it as it is so pretty!  Anyway we lit the candle and let it burn for awhile.  Ummm the wonderful smell of chocolate started filling the room. I barely noticed strawberry so this will make your boudoir or bathroom, or where ever you decide to light it smell chocolaty. How romantic would it be to have this burning and also have a plate of chocolate dipped FLORIDA strawberries (sorry had to throw Florida in, we have the best strawberries by far!) and a can of whipped cream.  Now I cannot tell you what the outcome will be gals, but make sure the sports on the TV are turned off.  Perhaps a little Michael Bolton or Marvin Gaye in the background, and you have now the set up for a memorable night!

I just love my candle from Mia Bella as it is not only pretty to look at, but it also emits a wonderful, sensual smell to enhance my libido!  If not that, it has me rummaging through the kitchen for something chocolate to offset my craving!

Besides the jar candle like this special one, you can take a visit to the Mia Bella Bakery and check out the realistic looking candles there! OMG they make me want to start baking just looking at them! Check these out:

Don’t these look good enough to eat? They fill the room oh so Yummy, with the Cinnamon Bun as their signature!!!

So, what do you think of Mia Bella Candles? Wait, they have more to tell you about!

 Another popular product of Mia Bella  is there Warmers and melts.  I got my first warmer through Mia Bella and I totally love the scents they have to choose from and also how long they last!  The melts are good for any warmer out there, if you find a flavor/scent you like it will work in your burners! Burners are great for in the office, dorm rooms, and other places that do not allow candle burning.  They are the best air fresheners out there as they fill a whole room. Umm!

I also have to mention the Mia Signature Soaps. They are one of my favorite soaps. I totally love the Japanese Pear soap.  It is a nice scent and the soap moisturizes my skin well and I totally love it for shaving my legs.  There are other scents,  like Slate and Stone, which is good for the man in your life.

Along with all the other items I mentioned, Mia has a make up line made with the best minerals and are designed so that there is an easy way to get it and apply it easily.  I know the Mineral Makeup I use now makes a big mess for me when I try to use it, my sink is colored with spatters of the makeup, and as expensive as it is, it is like watching your money go down the drain!




Check out Mia Bella’s packaging. Help  reduce the mess and amount of makeup that is just going down that drain! This is a nice container for their mineral makeup.  I personally hate fumbling with the small plastic containers where opening alone causes a mess for me. This is nice. I think I must order some soon!

I wish to thank Jen Ouelette for allowing me to do this review. She is so awesome and a very business saavy women.  If she is selling Mia Bella it must have a great program and I am sure she would share with you about the Mia Bella program!  Jen has given an extra Chocolate and Strawberries Candle Jar for one of you!  Check it out and lets see all those entries coming in to show Jen she is appreciated!

Besides thisblog  chance to win, go to for another chance to win a candle as well! Winner is chosen every Monday. WOW! Check it out.

****Please note ALL mandatory entries MUST be done and not just one and run, so if there are 3 mandatories and you do only one it will not count and will be removed! There are several of you doing this and you know who you are so please follow instructions. I posted this last week and have to again today!  There will be no more  warnings, your entry will just be deleted!
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