Bummas Baby Wipes, Not Just for Babies!

Have you heard of Bumma’s Baby Wipes? They say necessity is the mother of invention, so the mom that created these made the first Bummas out of necessity!  She did not like the wetness left on her son’s behind when changing his diaper so she first started using there to dry off his bumm after being cleaned so he was less likely to get a diaper rash, as powder can cake up, and also the ingredients are questionable to health! She also used one to cover her son while changing him, not to get wet on by surprise! All of you with boys have probably learned the hard way to keep it covered LOL!  The Bummas were also used wet to cleanse his behind, keeping chemicals off his skin and keep his skin nice and healthy.

Well, I do not have any little ones with diapers but I contacted the owner and let her know that but I still wanted to review these cloths!  I knew I could use these for a lot of things myself.

The first thing I used my Bummas for was to exfoliate and wash my face! There are 2 sides and one side is a bit rough like a wash cloth and the opposite side is soft like microfiber. So I exfoliated with the rougher side but it is not nearly as harsh as a wash cloth, and I use the softer side to wash my face!  This was just perfect for this!

I am also on a lot of medications, some which cause yeast to grow on me.  These areas, like under my breasts and in my groin get red and sore and when I use a normal wash cloth in the shower or a scrunchy it annoys my skin horribly. Since I started using the Bummas in the shower instead of a harsh wash cloth, my skin has improved greatly in these areas!  I am going to share this with my Lupus group as I know many ladies  with this issue. In fact, a lot of women not on meds have this issue as well!  Love my Bummas.

Another great use for these is to use them with your make up remover and use the soft side, especially on the eyes, to remove your makeup!  I don’t wear much but my 21 yr old daughter does and she loves hers!

I also carry a Bummas in my purse, just to have!  I am at that hot flash age so when we got out and about and I get a flash and start to sweat, I have this to wipe off my face or to go in a bathroom and wet it with cold water and when done I just wring it out hard and it is almost totally dry and I can put it back in my purse.  I have also used it to wipes a few tears off when the occasion arises.

Are you caring for someone who is bedridden and perhaps incontinent?  Fill the wash tub with your water and throw in several Bummas to bath them and clean them in their private area and then use one to dry them off just like a baby! Same principle.

So think about it! Bummas aren’t just for babies!  Bummas eliminate the need for talcum powder and are 100% cotton-velour terry cloth. They are 5X7 in size, are machine washable, and come in 5 different varieties of colors! Check them out! They are a bundle of fun!


Disclaimer: I, Joan Penfold, was provided with Samples of product from Bummas. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Myself and Bummas!

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  1. They also sell wholesale.

  2. I learned they are on sale thru today

  3. “The key to preventing and treating diaper rash is to keep your baby’s diaper area clean, cool and dry.”

    im a momma to 3 boys—it never occured to me to dry their bottoms after i wipe–but im sure if i did, that would have prevented alot of diaper rash!

  4. I learned that Bummas come in four different color packs (I like the Wild Ones!), and that the product was created when the owner’s son was born. They needed an absorbent and safe way to dry their son’s bum, so they created Bummas!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  5. I learned that there are four color packs to choose from! I’m so excited to purchase one, but I know if I won some that they’d definitely be useful!

    • I would still purchase a bundle Kristen as I feel you can’t have too many and could be kept in strategic places in the house, car, and purse. I betcha you could find alot of places, and even share a few with your friends!

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