OrGreenic Non-Stick Cookware Review

I was asked to check out the OrGreenic Non Stick 9″ Fry Pan and I thought to myself it would be no different than what I have in my cupboard!  Boy was I wrong.  And when I say wrong, I mean real wrong as I don’t always admit when I am wrong, Shhh ladies, don’t tell the hubby cuz I have him trained.

What makes this fry pan different?  The OrGreenic Pan has a non-toxic, non-stick, ceramic pan.  There is no teflon in it to flake off and cause health issues.  Also, when I use my pan I use little to no cooking oil, making this a major aid in my home to becoming more healthy. Think about the money you will save on cooking oils, or the spray can oils.  This pan will pay for itself with that alone.

My husband used the pan today to brown ground pork, saute’ garlic and onions, to go into a cabbage soup we make.  It is so cool that he cooked and took awhile to brown the meat and then dump into my soap pan!  He was afraid to grab the handle without a hot pad so I did to show him the pan does not get that hot and can be handled by the hand.

I just love this pan and plan on getting more sizes of OrGreenic pan to replace my fairly new cookware that I thought was top of the line.  I spent enough for them but they work no where as well an this pan, offered by AsSeenOnTV!  The awesome thing is that this pan sells for only $19.99 and that is a cheap price to pay for something of this quality and also healthy for your family.  Stop poisoning the kids with flakes from the non-stick  pans.  Also help keep the fat and cholesterol down with cooking on the ceramic surface!  You can even put it in the oven. That is the clincher!  I  truly recommend this pan and give it 4 thumbs up!

To learn more you can visit OrGreenic’s FaceBook Page and follow on Twitter at GoOGreenic and on WordPress!

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