Brugo, Your New Mug Shot For 2012!

I have just got to share with you this awesome new concept for your hot beverages to go with you!  I personally have about 4 different types of mugs in the cupboard, all have slobbered themselves on my shirts or pants, leaking like a drip from an icicle melting drip drip, sometimes ruining my clothing, as the stains make themselves at home on my good clothes!  I am tired of it and quit using those mugs. So, when Brugo Mugs offered a review I decided to try one, but I had poor expectations and had a place ready for it in the cupboard with all the others!!!

When I received my Brugo Mug the first thing I noticed was the fun color! Wow, nice and bright and no one could walk off with it without being noticed!  I then had to try it with my coffee and I have never seen/used anything like this. It is so cool~there is nothing else like this on the market that I have seen! 

This cool mug has a special chamber that you can tilt and put your drink in it and then sip it cool and the chamber fills when you want it by tipping the mug forward.This is important to me as I have a chronic health issue and sometimes and bed bound, and this is the perfect mug for me in bed! I am not sitting up in this photo, just slightly propped up slightlyIt is an simple concept and it will take a little time to get used to but before you know it you will be drinking your coffee at just the right temperature~and the Brugo Mug will be your favorite to go coffee mug!  There are actually 3 ways you can use this mug as shown in this  video:


This is what makes this mug perfect!  The 3 ways to use it by dialing on the top of the lid what you want, lock, sip where it comes out hot, and the tip and sip where a small chamber cools your coffee and then you sip it while the chamber refills so your next sip is cool!  How cool is that? (Pun intended)

AND it is 100% leak proof, which will save a lot of my clothes and relieve me from the power of scrubbing stains out with  stain remover! Thank you Brugo for this feature~This feature is the most important to me! Remember this if nothing else, and I repeat myself, it is totally Leak Proof, 100 %.

The Brugo Mug is a perfect gift for your friends and family,  also for your boss at the office, your favorite Doctor, your kids teachers, the mailman, just about anyone you can think of. Not only is it the perfect gift because it is the perfect coffee mug, but there is also many, many colors to choose from so you can give them not only the world’s best coffee mug, but make it even more perfect by getting their favorite color! That is awesome!

I have my head lowered in shame, as I had planned to give my mug to my son in the Navy so he can take decent coffee to work instead of the mud they give them, but I love my mug too much. Sorry son if you read this!

Now for the awesome part. Brugo had agreed to a giveaway for you to start your New Years right.  Lets see who starts their New Years with a cool Brugo Mug! Giveaway good for US and Canada!  Also, buy 2 or more mugs and get a 25% discount~

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  1. Tons of colors…my favorite is Passion 🙂 Great names on all the colors! One for everyone!

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