InfraShine Spring Grip Curling Iron Review & Giveaway

Check out this awesome curling iron, made by InfraShine! This is one of the premier curling irons on the market and this is a professional grade iron, with an average retail value of $200.

So, what makes the Infrashine so good? The ceramic and ionic technology that curls your hair does not damage and burn your hair, and leaves a nice shine to your hair!  It does this by heating the hair from within, using the infrared technology and the ceramic iron.

To give you an example of how incredible your hair can look with this iron, check out Clio:

What a difference in her hair style. She has a much more finished look after curling her hair with the Infrashine Spring Curling Iron!  I love it!

And guess what? I just so happen to have one I can giveaway!  Lets see who is interested in winning this iron!  This would be a great tool to do your hair for all those Holiday parties you will be attending, or perhaps you have someone in mind that would love to have this as a Christmas gift?  This is an awesome gift!  So good luck everyone! I can making this giveaway a little different so pay attention!  ALL 3 Mandatory options must be done or all entries will be deleted!




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