Wellness Mats, An Introduction to Pain Relief!

An Interview with Pain by Wellness Mat!

Wellness Mat:So Pain, what brings you here?

Pain: I love to reek havoc on my human’s legs, back, and neck when they are at the sink doing dishes! (insert evil laugh)

Wellness Mat: What if I told you I could help *ZAP* you away and help get rid of your uglyness Mr Nasty Pain? What then?

Pain: That’s just not possible. Who do you think you are trying to fight?  I challenge you to rid the pain.  What makes you so special?  You are just a rubber pad!

Pain: Meet the Penfolds. Joan, the wife, has bad herniated discs from her neck to the bottom of her lumbar spine and also fights the pain of fibromyalgia! I got a good hold on her, sneering at Wellness Mat!  And then there is her husband, Dennis, who does a majority of the dishes and also a lot of cooking.  He has to wear a back belt to try to keep me in my place, but I just hold it there until he goes to bed and then I start to torture him!

Wellness Mat: You’re on Pain! Lets see who wins the fight of kitchen pain, as I call it, triggered my standing in there long hours cooking and then doing the dishes. I am placing my special ergonomically engineered anti-fatigue Mat that when stepped on, Mr. Penfold will feel the well-being and comfort of the Mat, as the mat lays there and cushions the impact of standing on a hard tile floor, helping alleviate his back and leg pain.

Pain: Drats Wellness Mat. Mr. Penfold is much more comfortable with you in his kitchen and he says his “back pain disappears when working on the mat!” I cannot believe it. Mrs. Penfold is getting a lot of things to try and review, and this is by far my favorite item yet” states Mr. Penfold.


In all truth now, this mat is absolutely a dream to have in my kitchen, and it had helped all 3 of us that live here when in the kitchen working. It is so awesome how it’s perfect thinkness makes it feel like a bounce house under you feet. I just love it so much. The one you see in this picture is the brown one I choose to go by the sink on the floor because I like the color match!  I think I may have been a bit too anxious at the time as I was psyched when they agreed to let me do the review that I missed the gorgeous patterned ones on the site that I would have liked in my house. I like a lot of color  in my home and especially browns and greens at the moment. Those are the color themes in my kitchen, dining and living room and my family room! I am pretty easy to buy for with the colors. Here is a patterned matt to drool over:

leaf design on a Wellness Matt on tile flooring in kitchen

Isn’t that pretty? That is one of many of their Seasons collection. This is the one I would have picked had I seen it but am happy with my brown one as well.

I cannot tell you how easy it is to clean your wellness mat! A little house hold cleaner washing it off is all you need.  These mats have a 7 year warranty and are 100% biodegradable and can be up-cycled. To see more about about how they are eco-friendly, check the link and read about it!

I just love my mat and highly recommend it to you for use in many places in your home, besides the kitchen! How about the garage in front of the workbench and I am thinking of one for my Foyer as the tile gets really slippery when wet! What about the playroom for your kid, use some of the puzzle pieces and they will love it!

So take a look around the Wellness Mats  website and see what you like. I promise if you get one you won’t be disappointed!




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