Telemarketers, a discussion on the blog~

“Hello. Yes this is Mrs Penfold, can I help you?”  I never know who is on the otherside of the phone call at times so I try to answer politely. I feel everyone deserves my respect, until…….they release the bitch in me, and that takes a lot. I am fuming this morning about a call I just received, and if it was legit, I hope her boss was listening and her ass is out the door!

This women, with a strong Islander accent that I had to continually ask to repeat herself.  Thing is, I was kinda interested in the service they were marketing for. This women went on and several times I had to interrupt her and asked her to mail me information as I have had several strokes and am sick today and she said that is what I am getting to and continues on with her script and had no concern about what I told her at least 4 times. She , in the end, was raising her voice at me and not listening and I hate when a telemarketer goes off on you, the potential customer, their bread and butter, commission is the name of their game!

So the Jamaican sounding lady at the other end of my phone line, who probably hexed me with some voodoo curse, who actually had my attention and possibly a sale of her service if she had just stopped a moment to LISTEN to me, instead she heard a slam and a dial tone and a few words from me, explaining she should listen etc etc etc. and she could care less.

So telemarketers, if you are going to call me, be prepared. I got your number!


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