Minimus, Minimum Size, Maximum Convenience, Giveaway 3 Winners!

I just have to introduce you all to Minimus!  What are they known for? Mini’s of course.  Have you ever planned a weekend escape and you don’t want to fill you suitcase with lotions, body wash, deodorant, and so many other things?  It is amazing to look at this site.  My sister has 3 guest bathrooms in her home and she is always looking for little minis to keep in her bathroom for guests. I am going to have to share Minimus with her!  As I look through the pages of the new items, I see some things I have written reviews on in the past LOL!

It is a whole lot of fun to browse through the site and as much as my husband and I cruise I am going to have to put together a list of things I want to lighten the load in the suitcase.  Also, these items are small enough for your carry on luggage as well.

Reading through their website, you can find ALL kinds of different information!  I am proud to discover that Minimus provided the Space Shuttle Discovery with many items. How cool is that? I think that is an awesome achievement for a mini company that started after a family took a trip and had to throw things away because they took too much and they didn’t want a mess!

There is so much to learn on their site and it is easy to get lost there. How about toys? Perhaps some first aid materials? Are you hungry? They can help you out there as well with snacks, cereals, maybe some Hummus or Giovanni’s Lobster Pate – with cognac and even a special gluten free pack.  I don’t think they missed a thing when putting this all together and they are always open to suggestions!

The item above was one of 4 that I received! This is a deep steep Organic Sugar Scrub that smelled awesome and I enjoyed the aroma and the scrub is awesome. I have used it once, sparingly and have about 2 more out of it.  I also got the same Odor in a shower gel and when you shower with the gel, a little goes a long way. I put about a dime sized spot on my shower scrubby and it foamed up terrifically and was more than enough to wash all over and under *grin! I was also sent a “Body Polish” in Tangering Melon that I loved. It moisturized my skin wonderfully and I have an issue with that due to my Lupus and meds, steroids, etc. that dry out and reek havoc on my skin. I have finished this all up!  I also received an unscented Body Wash that my husband used and liked!

I want to share with you too that Minimus received a special award called the Stella Award for EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and you can read about it on the site!

I want to thank Minimus for allowing me to do this review as when we first connected we weren’t sure how a giveaway would work. I think all is well and the prizes are great and all is well.  Also, they agreed to 3 winners, each getting 4 mini’s of their very own! How fun is that?



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