Joan's Chatter, is Awesome!

Are you familiar with  I did a banner sign giveaway with them months ago and I have seen other sites offer their signs of some sort.  We all kinda take things for granted, like this company. One might win something from them and don’t share their name again, even if they have done a good job for you!  I for one ran a giveaway and had an extremely happy winner who ordered a banner for an old couple for a swap meet they always participate in and they were so very grateful that my winner wrote them a lovely letter, and she cc’d me and I felt kinda proud myself!

BUT NOW I AM VERY PROUD of them and want to shout out for all to hear, is great, awesome, giving, caring, generous, and is just the BESTEST company ever!  WHY, you ask?  Let me share with you something that was featured on my morning news show today! is offering FREE banners for soldiers coming home and all the family needs to pay is shipping.  Wiping tears from my eyes as my son is in the military and these things touch my heart so much!

So, thank you to for your generous heart felt contribution to our brave men and women of the US Military who unselfishly gave up years of their lives to serve our beautiful country! They all deserve it but so does Buildasign!  I think the sign above says beautiful words, no matter what religion you are!  Amen to

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. From all of us at, we truly appreciate your shoutout. We’re so proud of our Troops program, and we love seeing the excitement about it from people like you! Thanks so much Joan!

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