BOO, Win a cute Halloween Box Of Popcorn from Dale & Thomas (2 Winners)


Have you ever tried Dale and Thomas Popcorn? If not, you don’t know what you are missing.  My husband hates the smell of popcorn popping so I rarely have popcorn at home, so when the opportunity arose to do this review I jumped for joy, literally! And not only did I get a box to review, 2 of my followers are also getting their own as well!  I don’t believe in tricks so it is treats for my little pretties LOL!  I feel like we have the best followers here and treats are deserved. This Spooktacular Halloween Gift Box comes with Hall of Fame Kettle CornKettle Corn & Twice as nice Chocolate Drizzle CornTwice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn & Parmesan and Garlic cheese Sticks Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Sticksand last but not least, Milk Chocolate PopstersMilk Chocolate Popsters!  What wonderful treats to share with the family, except the witch in me came out and I ate the Milk Chocolate Popsters before anyone else in my home could get to them! Cackle Cackle Cackle! I am a Chocoholic and I LOVED the Popsters and the Chocolate Drizzle. There are just the best! I also saw some Peanut Butter Chocolate and am dying to try that! I feel a credit card coming out soon. Dale and Thomas is an awesome place to look and find great gifts at reasonable prices, shipped right to your friend/family’s door, packaged in cute boxes, making it even better a gift. Here is a little bit about Dale and Thomas and what makes them special. Dale and Thomas use fresh Indiana popcorn and to make sure you get the freshest of popcorn. They also pop their popcorn and make the chocolate drizzles and Popsters so that they are fresh as possible. I think you will all be glad to hear that their products are Gluten Free! All the products nutritional information you will find on their site, and also everything is Kosher! This makes Dale and Thomas TOP NOTCH in my book. They obviously care about their products. Right now you can order the Halloween Treats that I got on special for $18.95, you can’t get better than that to send these treats.  There is also a selection for Breast Cancer Awareness running now on a few special products and 10% of the proceeds will go to Susan Komen for the Cure, New Jersey Division. #Win an awesome box of Halloween Goodies from Dale & Thomas Popcorn, (2) winners. Ends 10/25/11 US #treat


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