Bubbles Bodywear Review 2 Winners (1) $25 GC (2) Bra Helpers Kit

When the opportunity arose to do a review on Butt Bubbles to enhance the curvaceousness of my behind.

With Pads

I am a Plus Sized woman but my behind is a flat so I thought these would be fun to try!  Here is a after picture of me wearing the

silicone butt enhancers.  Here is the silicone enhancer. They also have some made with foam. When I received these, I thought there was no way I would ever wear these. No way!
But for the sake of the review I must try these on to be fair.  I first looked at the girdle type underwear and shook my head. Then the silicone pads came out and I have to tell you my daughter and I had a good laugh, and she couldn’t wait to see me! There were names I was called like J-Lo, or Madea and we giggled and giggled!  These silicone pads get inserted into the slots in the underwear, so once all this was done I heaved and hooved my oversized bumm into the girdle pants with the silicone and put my jeans on, and shares my picture on facebook, clothed.  I have to tell you in reality and all kidding aside, the pads looked good and the underpants were really quite comfortable and I have some nice dresses and with the proper underpants they could enhance what I am wearing.I can’t wait to go out and shake my booty!

I also received several Cleavage Cover ups in pretty sparkly colors, and I had my very busty daughter try one on. BIG mistake. I now have to keep them under lock and key or they will disappear! there is a large variety of cover ups available as well as fabrics!

Besides the items I shared with you, there are also other enhancer type products for men and women available.  They have some colorful, awesome tights that I might have to purchase!  You can also find butt bras and bra accessories.  I had never thought some of these items would be useful but then when you read
about them it makes a lot of sense. I am truly fascinated with all the items available for men and women both!
You really need to check this out!  I am a lot more educated now on all these items!

Bubbles Body Wear is offering 2 prizes!
(1) $25 GC
(2) Bra Helpers Kit
Cleavage Covers: http://www.lovemybubbles.com/full-figured-cleavage-covers.shtml


<a href=”http://rafl.es/enable-js”>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.#Win 1 of 2 prizes from Bubbles Body Wear Enhancers http://tinyurl.com/3e8afj2 Ends 10/20/11 US
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