K-Y Intense for Her – Review & Giveaway X2

Ladies, I may get a but personal in this review for STOP NOW if you are under 18!!!

OK, here we go, and I have to admit this is personal for me as well to discuss my experiences with K-Y Intense!  ***Blushing***

Let me first admit to my close friends here that here in the Penfold household we have some difficulties in the bedroom area due to medical issues so I was hoping for a little boost in the bedroom.
My husband had prostate cancer several years ago and that ended sex
for him for the most part.  As for me, I miss that and with the help of all
the different aids out there I get some satisfaction. I seem to be one of the rare women who gains more libido after their hysterectomy! That leaves us in a predicament.

I got prepared to “seduce” my husband in the bedroom and he loved that I was the aggressor LOL. A little foreplay and fun and he likes that but Mr. Willie still wont stand at attention to his commanding officer!  I tried and tried to no avail!
I finally brought out the KY intense and he wants to know what I have there.
I showed him it was KY designed to enhance the sexual experience for the
woman.  I let apply the KY Intense to me and that seemed to excite him a little
and he started to get an erection. I was hoping and praying he would stay like that but No, not even a minute.  I realize this is made to enhance a woman’s experience so he did take care of that for me, but left me feeling bad that he did
not have a good experience and when I was finished we had a nice cuddle and went to sleep!  Well, he went to sleep and I lay there think what can I do to help?

I will say that I enjoyed the warm and tingly feeling I got from KY Intense .  It did enhance my sexual feelings and I about got out an adult toy too finish my experience~ I can say I enjoyed the hot feeling I got from the KY Intense.

Now for a little information on KY Intense:
The KY Intense should me massaged into your clitoris,
How does it work?
“Arousal is at your fingertips – or his. During foreplay, gently massage a drop (2-4 pumps) onto your clitoris. Most women in consumer studies experienced heightened sensitivity, increased pleasure, and a more intense climax. Re-apply as desired. Use externally. Hormone and paraben free. Approximately 20 applications.” 

And now for the Giveaway. KY Intense has agreed to share and give 2 of my readers their own 
KY-Intense!   Enter to win on Rafflecopter.

#Win a bottle of KY Intense for women, 2 winners, #KY #Intense #hot #Women #giveaway #pleasureable http://tinyurl.com/3qfq9ny Ends 10/18/11 US 


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