Untold News Giveaway- Tote Bag and $15 Barnes & Noble GC

I would like to introduce you to Untold News, which tells the “Other side” of the story.”

Quoted as per site”

The mission of Untold News is to educate Americans about the Middle East and the  non-political aspects of Israel. We will disseminate the unknown stories about their many humanitarian acts, inventions and start-ups. For example, it is not generally known that Israel has instantly sent Crisis Teams to a number of nations in trouble, or that they have more inventions and start-ups than all of Europe combined. Helping to present “the other half of the story” could greatly enhance perceptions of Israel in the US.

Our target audience is neither the committed nor those who are decidedly anti-Israel. It is college graduates who are in the middle group — those who know little about Israel and are not actively seeking information.

Working with experts, we are developing creative strategies and distribution methods to proactively present the case in both traditional and new media.”

The start of their sharing their news  Untold News YouTube Channel  http://www.youtube.com/untoldnews 
Check it out on the YouTube and share with all your friends!  

Making The Ocean Drinkable – Check out the De-Salination process! I think more places need to use this process!

What about customized wheelchairs that you can control through your nose!  That technology is absolutely amazing and has come a long way over the years thanks to funding! 

Living in the Desert is hard to do but they have pursued ways to provide irrigation and start with gardening and then was able to grow more in the fields:
Growing Crops In The Desert

Untold News has offered an Giveaway Prize of An Untold News Tote and $15 Barnes & Noble GC 

Thank you Benjamin Whitman from Digital apparent for sharing this site with me, and my readers!

 a Tote Bag and $15 Barnes & Noble GC from Untold News     …

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