30 is my Favorite Number Woof Woof

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Are you familiar with Hill’s Science Diet for your pets?  Hill’s Pet Nutrition is one of the best foods on the market for your furry family member.  My Bassett above, Freddi is as much a family member to me as the rest of my family!  I treat her like a loved family member as anyone with a pet should. Hills is hosting a special 30 Day health challenge where winner 30 winners will receive free pet food for a year,

Hill’s Science diet has foods for every stage of you pets life.  Proper nutrition in different stages of their lives is very important!  There are many important things to consider about your pet.  You need to pick a Vet that you are comfortable with just like you would a Doctor! Also you need to keep coats healthy and that includes proper nutrition and care of their coats.  Next is dental care, I have my dog checked yearly and I try to brush her teeth daily. I also am concerned with ear care.

Keeping your dog mobile and walking and stimulating then is also important. Check out the Hills Hill’s Healthy Mobility Coupon for you and your pet.   

I also suggest you join the Hill’s Pet Nutrition on Facebook page for Hill’s Pet Nutrition so you can keep up with all the latest things and also discuss with others pet issues and support and make suggestions, and even have a good time sharing stories!  As you can see above my dog likes to lick the end of a cup of tea, thanks to a British Husband, BUT I asked the Vet and he said it was fine to do.  We love our girl and want the best for her, and I am sure you want the best for your friends! 

So check out The Hill’s pages and read and get some hints and learn good behavior for a pet owner, as we owe it to our pets to be good owners! And don’t forget to register to win the health diet and win free pet food for a year for your furry friend!

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