Fun Gift, Seen on Shark Tank, Check this out!

“Imagine this” as said for years on the Golden Girls! So here is a scenario for you to think about! “Imagine this”, you are Blanche and suddenly met a new guy at a dance she attended!  As always, Blanche is HOT for this poor un-expecting gentleman and wants to get her claim on him before another woman does! What does Blanche do? She calls SENDaBALL and orders a special gift for him! Perfect for her to stand out from the other floozies LOL! First the team at SENDaBALL has to pick the ball with the message she wants, Have it blown up, addressed, and postage put on it and it is ready to go!

Isn’t this just so cool?  Once the ball is ready to go it is sent by the U.S.Mail to the recipient.  Once Blanches gentleman friend received the ball and read the message on the ball he was impressed and took Blanche out a few times until she was bored with him!
So just what was the ball like that she sent?  You Have Bounced right into my heart! Awe isn’t that cute?  I think these balls are a creative gift idea when you dont really want to send flowers or something else and these send a message at a reasonable price!
I don’t know if you watch Shark Tank and had an opportunity to see the 2 sisters that started up this business and have been working hard out of their garage, and are  doing well and ready to expand!  The Shark Tank Video is here to watch and A LOT of fun to see! Take a moment and watch this and enjoy the gals and the Sharks!  See more of their story!
I have to tell you my mailman knocked on the door, as he is getting used to me getting packages for my reviews, and when I answered he was holding up a red ball laughing his butt off!  He must of examined it in his truck as he even quoted to me the fine print about the U.S.Mail and the ball.  He was quite amused. I gave him one of my cards to watch for the review so he will know where to get one!  Once you have seen one of these, you start thinking who would like to receive this novelty! I think it would brighten up anyones day!
Lastly and most importantly, these balls are VERY WELL made and strong enough to withstand the postal service and my dog!
You can hook up with SENDaBALL on Twitter and then Facebook and then their Blog to see their escapades on the Today Show, and online on The Daily Flip!
Thank you Melisa and Michele for the chance to review your balls! Tee Hee! It is one thing to see it on T.V. and giggle and move on but another when you see one, hold one, and play with one and then become hooked!  I can certainly promise this is fun to receive and I give it 2 thumbs, 8 fingers , and 10 toes up for this fun gift!
If any of you are interested in purchasing a SENDaBALL follow to their website and use coupon code:
JOAN and you will save $2.00! WOW that is a bargain!

SENDaBALL, better than a card! Check out the review. I love this idea!

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