Nutrish Just 6 – Spoil Your Pet with Healthiness ~

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrish for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I would love to share with you a product I was sent for my dog to sample, Nutrish Just 6 by Rachel Ray! I asked, before taking the offer to write this post, that the food not have beef, as my baby Freddi is very allergic to beef. That is one thing that is very important to my choosing a dog food for her. Along with her allergies she is a picky eater. She seems to love lamb flavored foods the best when I get her food. The food sent for my dog to sample contains the perfect ingredients for my loved pet, Lamb meal, brown rice,ground rice, Beets, chicken, and Olive oil. I just love this! In fact as I sit here writing this with the bag nearby for reference, Freddi will not leave me alone LOL!
As dog owners know, it can be a tricky situation to change dog food on your pet as it can cause GI issues for them. I learned that the hard way! So when I switched out my dogs normal food for the sample provided me, I was watching for those issues, but haven’t noticed any. I did only give her half the bag in concern for her. I have always been told by the vet when changing food, to transition the new food slowly in with old food until she is on just the new food! Now she sits at the kitchen counter staring where the bag of Nutrish Just 6 is whining for more. She is absolutely crazy over this food! I have never seen her scarf down her food out of her bowl like she did the Just 6 food. Her routine is filling her mouth like a chip monk with her food and bringing it into the living room eating a few bites at a time! Not Just 6! She wanted to eat every bite she could and did not leave the cute little bowl I was also sent! She ate it all up like a little piggy.
So how did this dog food come to be? It starts with Rachel Ray! She has a lovely dog Isaboo and she wanted a healthier food for her dog than she was using and wanted to feed her dog with the same wholesome nutrition she feeds the rest of her family with. She then paired up with Nutrish and came up with Just 6 dog food! Another thing of note is that the proceeds of this food go to animal charities such as Rachael’s Rescue. This is awesome!
I do not watch a lot of cooking shows but I have seen a few of Rachel Ray’s and she is always using EVOO, extra virgin olive oil, which is an ingredient in this food. This ingredient is awesome to help keep your friends skin and coat healthy. She uses a healthy fiber blend in her foods that make the food easy to digest. Just like we need fiber, so does our loved dogs! There is added calcium to help with teeth and bone health for them. There are added antioxidants in the food, vitamin E and Selenium to help your dog have a healthy immune system! And finally, she uses the highest quality meats in the foods to keep your dogs strong and support organ health and lean muscle mass! This sure sounds like the perfect food for my darling Freddi.. Another ingredient in the food that is so very important to my dog”s urinary health is the beets, as her vet likes beets in her food!
So where can I get this wonderful food for my best friend? There is a store finder on the website so you can find out where to go. I promise you wont be disappointed as I am a new convert.Get your free sample available here so check it out!
Beware, going on Rachel Ray’s own pet site and blog is habit forming and you may find yourself spending hours there laughing, learning, and just enjoying yourself!

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