Review & Giveaway – Ayurvedic Roast Herbal "Coffee"

I have a great product to share with you today! Ayurvedic Roast, “The Zen of Herbal Coffee”
Are you trying to kick the caffeine habit, have a healthier diet, or want a change from your normal coffee, Ayurvedic Roast is a great coffee substitute for you!  Ayurvedic Roast is a Certified Organic product. It contains no coffee and is made of Organic Roasted Barley, Organic Roasted Rye, Organic Roasted Chicory, Organic Ashwagandha,
Organic Shatavari, Organic Brahmi, and Organic French Vanilla Flavor.
You can prepare this like coffee or tea. It is easy to make and great for you!  What are some of these herbs and what do they do?
Ashwagandha maximizes the bodies ability to resist stress and is a powerful antioxident.
Brahmi is a brain tonis and nerve soother and Shatavari is a cooling, calmming, and purifying herb.

I made the Ayurvedic Roast as I do my regular coffee in a perculator and it smelled great brewing.  I did not tell my husband it was not coffee LOL!  When done my husband commented he didnt know what he was drinking but he was not sure if he liked it! I explained it was good for him and caffeine free. He moaned at me and drank it.  I tasted it and I thought it had a smooth, sweet flavor and I could definately taste the vanilla and I really enjoyed the flavor. It is almost like a coffee flavor with vanilla added! I drink mine with 1 Splenda and a little creamer. I thought it was a great taste!

Are you a caffeine addict and love coffee? This may be the product for you to help get rid of that caffeine dependency!  When you log on to their website you are offered a great ebook about kicking the caffeine habit! Check it out!  From the owner:

Caffeine addiction is a very common, and under-rated phenomenon. The long term effects of regular, heavy consumption of what is essentially recognized as a drug by the body can have many unwanted and unfortunate effects on the body’s organs and adrenals.
This is why I developed this recipe to help my friends and myself to wean ourselves off of coffee. Incorporating six organic grains and herbs, I used my knowledge of Ayurveda and the natural folk healing traditions of Old Europe. In the end, I ended up with a delicious coffee substitute that not only was close in taste to coffee, but also offered unique health benefits.”

One lucky winner is going to win an 11 oz bag of Ayurvedic Roast to see for themselves the smooth taste of this great coffee substitute!

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Good Luck to all my friends!

Disclaimer: Joan Penfold personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong t
o me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Ayurvedic Roast.

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